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Face Painting
Creativity is an area where younger people have a tremendous advantage. Every child needs to express their imagination and every child is born creative – the challenge is to keep that creativity alive!

Packages are available for:

  • Birthday Party
  • Corporate

Body Painting
With Body Paint All Eyes Will Be On You & Is Perfect For Capturing Memories With A Professional Photograph Session!

Think of Transforming your body into a Billboard for the design you imagine or painting a Welcome Art Piece on Your Baby Belly.

If you are inquiring about BABY BELLY painting, times vary depending on design request. Average time needed is between 30 minutes – 1 Hour.

As an EVENT SERVICE body painting is an excellent choice. Have our artists paint a model right in front of your adult guests. It becomes a show!

Our highly experienced artists apply FDA approved body paints with airbrush, sponge and brush methods combined. We mix our colours, so any colour can be created to match a logo or design along with your choice in over 35 colours of glitter. We spray a sealer over the paints to have them last up to 12 hours. When you’re ready to take off the paint just step into a shower and it comes off in minutes with soap and water.

Our body paint artists generally take between 1.5 – 4 hours on average to paint a whole body with a simple to moderate design concept. If you request a difficult design concept time may take longer than 4 hours. Please note, it takes 45 mins. to 1.5 hours for most upper body designs. If special effects are needed as a part of the design the time required will be more. 

 The amount of time needed to complete a belly or body paint request completely depends on the complexity of the design.

If you have something in mind please call and speak to an artist today.

Window Painting
Window painting is great for any holiday or occasion. Inquire about a quote today!